IT Solutions for Hotel & Restaurant

With the growing consumer and cultural awareness, and improved lifestyle hotels and restaurant industry has experienced a boom. The focus now is on the client servicing, with the growing requirement of adopting technology along with taping into the wide social media ecosystem. Panca Putra offers high-end IT solutions and services to the hotels and hospitality industry, helping them improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Our hotel and hospitality industry solutions cover all processes and operational needs of hotel chains, delivering a superior guest experience. Our software & hardware solutions can help manage and improve their end-to-end business processes from front-end operations, reservations, and guest services such as WiFi. Whether you are running a hotel, resort, restaurant, club, holiday planning portals or Entertainment Company, we will use the latest technology to understand your clients’ needs and deliver the best-fit solution to surpass your expectations. We have rich experience in delivering solutions for your business’ smooth operations promising features you need, to enhance the guest experience and improve operational efficiency.

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